What Can Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help With?

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can actually pave the way for a brighter future.

If anything in our society has a bad reputation, it’s “Bankruptcy”. The “B” word is not something many people throw around lightly. When they need to file for bankruptcy, they keep it to themselves. They often hesitate to pursue this solution to their financial problems. Often, they heavily resist going down this path to the extent that they struggle for years before they finally pursue this option. But why?

It’s true, bankruptcy is not an ideal financial situation for anyone.  It’s also true that it will be reported on your credit and may cause your credit to take an initial hit.  However, bankruptcy is meant to help people. You may have heard of a financial “fresh start”. This is a term that is often associated with bankruptcy. It may be cliché, but it is very true.

Bankruptcy is meant to be a tool to help you get a clean slate and rebuild your credit for a brighter and healthier financial future. After filing for bankruptcy, your credit score will begin to increase and you will eventually have the financial options that are not available to you right now.  As you rebuild your credit, you may qualify for better interest rates on cars and loans, and even have the opportunity to purchase a home.

Bankruptcy is meant to help, so you don’t have to struggle forever. Bankruptcy is not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Life “happens” to good and responsible people. When life “happens”, you deserve a second chance.

What can bankruptcy help with?

The list below is not exhaustive and it does not address the specific rules regarding each particular debt and how it is treated in bankruptcy. Depending on what kind of debt you are facing, this may impact whether you will need to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. You will need to speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney about the specifics of your case.

A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help with:

  • Wage and Bank Garnishments
  • Creditor Lawsuits
  • Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors
  • Identity Theft
  • Car Repossession
  • Home Foreclosure
  • Tax Debt
  • Unmanageable Credit Card and Medical Debt
  • Auto Loan, Lease and Other Loan Defaults
  • License Reinstatement
  • Other Government Related Debts
  • Credit Repair and Rebuilding

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