Consumer Litigation

Protect Yourself With Consumer Litigation Law Services

Are you being harassed by your creditors? Do you get countless phone calls from collectors trying to collect on debts? Are you confused about your rights against your creditors? Have you been served with a lawsuit saying that you owe money?

Jessica Nomie Law can help you stop harassing phone calls from your collectors, as well as protect your rights if they continue to call you, send you bills, or otherwise try to collect from you once you have filed your bankruptcy. After your bankruptcy is completed, Jessica Nomie Law will also make sure that your rights are protected so that your credit score is not further damaged once your bankruptcy is completed. Everyone deserves to have an advocate on their side.

Jessica Nomie has experience with various consumer protection regulations including “The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act”, “The Telephone Consumer Protection Act”, “The Fair Credit Reporting Act”, and “The Unlawful Trade Practices Act” to name a few. These are state and federal laws that have been put in place to protect ordinary people, like you and me, against our collectors. Jessica Nomie is not only experienced, but she also has the compassion and dedication to be an effective advocate for you against your collectors.

If you are having issues with any of your creditors, then call or contact Jessica Nomie Law for a free consultation to determine whether you have any legal recourse against your creditors