Small Business Law

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We Offer Small Business Law Services

Small Business Transactions and Entity Formation

As a small business owner, Jessica Nomie knows firsthand that owning and running a business is extremely rewarding — but not without its share of challenges. Jessica Nomie Law will help clients meet and surmount those challenges so they can succeed in the marketplace. She will provide practical, effective advice and counsel at every stage of a business’ lifecycle, starting at choosing the right type of entity at its formation.

The language of business law can be intimidating and difficult to understand, and many entrepreneurs can get themselves into sticky situations as a result. If you are looking to establish your own business or put your creative ideas into action, the best way to do so is with the help of an experienced Clackamas and Multnomah county attorney, Jessica Nomie.

Starting a successful small business is not just about doing things the way that you want, it is also about obeying the law and protecting your interests. At Jessica Nomie Law, we understand that running your business is your number one priority and it is ours as well. In order to set the right path to accomplish your goals and long-term plans, you need a legal professional who can establish the contracts and safeguards that protect you.

Jessica Nomie Law is committed to the growth of the local community. This includes helping local small business owners determine what legal status is right for their new business, as well as registration of any and all required licenses and registrations to keep your business compliant with local and state laws. Jessica Nomie Law can also help small business owners with contracts, leases, and a variety of other legal needs related to their small business.

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